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E73: Hosea A - What Love is This?

The Bible in 30 Seconds or Less | Old Testament: Minor Prophets

Relational and marital imagery is used throughout scripture to depict the interaction between God and people. In Hosea we see the role of prophet and partner mirror this interaction. As Hosea's partner Gomer is described as unfaithful, so too does Adonai brand the people of Israel, that of a people of whoredom. Even as the story resolves with both Hosea and Adonai wooing back their partners, one cannot help but wonder: what love is this where a man can get away with calling a woman a whore and not even question his own complicity? Can any good news be found in this text?

Speakers:Jonathan Vanderbeck

Writers:Jonathan Vanderbeck


Source:Jim Keat

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