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E2: Session 6: Choose Today

Adult Bible Studies Fall 2020 | Unit 2: Remember Who You Are

This segment looks back at Joshua’s challenge to God’s people before they entered the land God had promised them. “Choose this day whom you will serve,” he told them. Just because their ancestors had entered into a covenant relationship with God, and just because God had been consistently faithful in that relationship, didn’t mean that they were willing to continue in it. Joshua led by example, and the people recommitted themselves to God and to the covenant. Like the ancient Israelites, our commitment to God can weaken. “Our trust might waver,” Dr. Cavin-Dillon says, but “God’s love for us never wanes. God never backs away from God’s covenant with us. And every morning gives us another opportunity to choose God all over again.”

Speakers: Carol Cavin-Dillon

Writers: Charles Aaron

Topics: Joshua 24:14-28Joshua

Source: Abingdon Press