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E3: Session 7: Food for Our Souls

Adult Bible Studies Fall 2020 | Unit 2: Remember Who You Are

This segment looks back at the time when the Israelites were reunited as a people, once again worshiped together, and heard Ezra read from the book of the Law. As they were reminded of who they were and how they were to live in right relationship with God, they began to weep, grieving over their unfaithfulness to God while also carrying the pain of oppression, suffering and exile. But the priests encouraged them to let go of their sadness and regret and celebrate God’s provision for and faithfulness to them. God had given them another opportunity to receive the Law, claim it, and live it. We too need those times and places when we are reminded who we are, when God meets us, claims us, and gives us a fresh start. Dr. Cavin-Dillon asks, what if the church--each and every Sunday--could be that place?

Speakers: Carol Cavin-Dillon

Writers: Charles Aaron

Topics: Nehemiah 8:1-12ReunitedWorship

Source: Abingdon Press