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E4: Session 8: One with Christ and One Another

Adult Bible Studies Fall 2020 | Unit 2: Remember Who You Are

This segment recalls the time Jesus, instead of recounting the events of Israel’s past and remembering God’s covenant with Moses and the people, used the Passover meal to declare that he was the fulfillment of the Law, the embodiment of the covenant between God and Israel, and was now initiating a new covenant. In this moment, Jesus offered himself in order to open this covenant to everyone. In this moment, Jesus told a new story, taking the old story of God’s covenant with Israel and fulfilling it in a new way. The disciples knew the Passover ritual by heart, but they were completely surprised by what Jesus said and did on this occasion. Dr. Cavin-Dillon asks, “Have we lost our ability to be surprised by Jesus at the table? Have we heard the story so many times that we miss its power?”

Speakers: Carol Cavin-Dillon

Writers: Charles Aaron

Topics: Luke 22:14-20New Covenant

Source: Abingdon Press