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E11: Deuteronomy A - The Last Installment

The Bible in 30 Seconds or Less | Old Testament: Law

Deuteronomy: The last installment of the Quintilogy known as the Pentateuch. After a long journey, the Israelites find themselves well on their way to the promised land. But not so fast, their fearless, but flawed leader,Moses (or the group of people who actually wrote the book) have more to tell. Moses first recounts the Israelites' journey from bondage to freedom complete with warnings about idolatry and complacency. Second, so many laws: The 10 commandments, revisited Food, Festivals, Murder, Inheritance and more... And finally, [spoiler alert] Moses dies, but not before all hear his blessing and his song, setting stage for what lies ahead.

Speakers:Bruce Reyes-Chow

Writers:Bruce Reyes-Chow


Source:Jim Keat

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