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E11: Deuteronomy B - It Is God Who Delivers

The Bible in 30 Seconds or Less | Old Testament: Law

Our society gives great weight to visible signs of success and completed deliverables. No doubt, when it came to moving from Egypt to the promised land, Moses and those around him did too. But Moses didn't see the promised land. He didn't see the results of his faithfulness. He did not complete the journey. Instead, he answered his call. He walked with the people whom God called him to lead, and when the time was right, he passed on the mantle of leadership. So just as Moses did, we can and must find comfort and courage in the fact that we answer, we walk, and we lead, but in the end it is God who delivers.

Speakers:Bruce Reyes-Chow

Writers:Bruce Reyes-Chow


Source:Jim Keat

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