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E27: 2 Samuel A - Politics, Adultery, Betrayal

The Bible in 30 Seconds or Less | Old Testament: History

2 Samuel is part two of David's (not Samuel's) life, and more than any Hebrew book, these words read better than anything on Downton Abbey: politics, adultery, betrayal. Once crowned, David defeats the previous dynasty, then establishes a lot of Jewish heritage: he captures Jerusalem for a capital, returns the Ark, and plans a Temple. But the shiny outer life fades next to the deepest inner pains: Bathsheba, and the loss of three sons. Good or bad, David lived wholeheartedly, and when off-course, found his way back to God.

Speakers:Ty Silzer

Writers:Ty Silzer

Topics:2 Samuel

Source:Jim Keat

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