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E69: Ezekiel A - The One Good Shepherd

The Bible in 30 Seconds or Less | Old Testament: Major Prophets

Has God ever surprised you by doing the unexpected? In Ezekiel, God's people were in exile, feeling rejected by God. But God appears inthat unexpected place on a blazing-white mobile throne, right there with them. They'd thought their time was over, like the skeletons Ezekiel saw in the valley. But God breathes onto those dry bones, and they comeback to life. The people of God had been betrayed by bad leaders, bad shepherds. But God says, I myself will be your Shepherd. The book of Ezekiel sings of Jesus - the God who is everywhere, the bringer of life, the one good shepherd.

Speakers:Tanya Marlow

Writers:Tanya Marlow


Source:Jim Keat

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