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E86: Jonah A - The Story of Jonah

The Bible in 30 Seconds or Less | Old Testament: Minor Prophets

"God says, ""Go."" Jonah says, ""No.""Jonah flees to Tarshish. He ends up in the belly of a big fish. God says, ""Go that way."" Jonah says, ""Oh, ok.""Jonah says, ""Nineveh, doom and gloom is why I'm sent."" Nineveh says, ""What do you mean? Look at us God, we repent!""Jonah sits on top of a hill, waiting for God's wrath to unwind. But Jonah's disappointed when instead God changes God's mind.""What are you doing God? I came all this way. What do you mean that love wins at the end of the day?!"""

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