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E100: Zechariah A - History, Prophetic, & Apocalyptic

The Bible in 30 Seconds or Less | Old Testament: Minor Prophets

In the post-exile world, Zechariah's prophecies address the frustration of the people. While the Israelites have been allowed to return home, the temple lies in ruins. Rebuilding efforts have stalled and conflict has broken out, leaving the people wondering if they should keep going. Some of the people have even abandoned God, leaving Zechariah to call for a return to the Lord and his commands.The book of Zechariah is not only a call to obedience, but a reminder of God's sovereignty and fidelity to his promises. What God has promised will come to pass. This prophecy, hard as it is to see through the mix of history, prophetic, and apocalyptic, is meant to encourage the people to remain faithful to the covenant with God.

Speakers:Nate Pyle

Writers:Nate Pyle


Source:Jim Keat

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