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E138: Colossians B - Take the Plunge

The Bible in 30 Seconds or Less | New Testament: Paul's Epistles and Hebrews

"Ok, take the plunge. The treasure's not at the surface. It's underneath. If you try to read Colossians with those dull insider/outsider glasses then you'll be forever frustrated with instructions like, "complete Christ's suffering" or "wives, submit this way." But read it like Paul the mystic, the adult convert who literally moved to Arabia for a three year wilderness retreat and you'll begin to feel an unmistakable pull. He's teasing out a sort of depth psychology, a trap door out of the ego floor to the often dismissed spiritual realm,not into some spiritual escape. No, an opening of the spirit hatches so that everything pours in and through. So dare to mix your deepest fears and hopes with your parenting or managing and just see what happens. Open yourself to joy and to suffering. Make your inner life so rich that hope hangs off of you like tomatoes on a humid July vine. Before you know it you'll start spotting the depths everywhere: Christ within and underneath it all, weaving everything into life and into love."

Speakers:Troy Bronsink

Writers:Troy Bronsink


Source:Jim Keat

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