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E151: James A - A Letter, A Warning, A Plea

The Bible in 30 Seconds or Less | New Testament: General Epistles

What's the book of James? It's a letter to those who feel scattered, two-faced, pushed-down, or taken in by empty promises... It's a warning to succumb to these forces, that divide and entice, at your own peril... It's a plea to live out your faith. Be generous and compassionate to the poor. Tear down every wall of division, every hierarchy. Listen to others first (second, third) and then speak. Good begets good begets good... And it's a promise that this faith-filled endurance is not meaningless. It is a chrysalis, where something beautiful is gestating, even now - in you, and in the world.

Speakers:Josh Lunde-Whitler

Writers:Josh Lunde-Whitler


Source:Jim Keat

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